GEICO’s new AR ad will have you seeing double.

Augmented Reality continues to enter the mainstream from fashion to music to television commercials. Auto insurance company GEICO features AR in it’s latest 30-second spot. ‪“Travis in IT makes an AR Gecko not to be confused with the real Gecko,”‬ reads the YouTube video description. The Gecko attempts to point out he’s the real one, but no one believes him.

If you’ve played my game “Real or AR” on Instagram, then you’re probably becoming an expert at distinguishing between reality and AR. I launched the game back in August 2018 and each week players from around the world take their best guess. A fresh game is loaded weekly on Wednesday at 8pm EST / 5pm PST in my Instagram story here. We also play the game on stage at my keynotes. Play along and strengthen that virtual muscle, you’re going to need it.