LV x Snapchat

Louis Vuitton partnered with Snapchat for an exclusive Augmented Reality preview of Virgil Abloh’s LV Men Fall Winter 2019 fiber-optic Keepall before it’s available in stores.

The experience premiered at The LVMH Group Pavilion at The Viva Tech Summit in Paris where LVMH showcased the work of its various Maisons. LVMH demonstrated how they are “Crafting the Customer Experience of Tomorrow” with emerging technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

In addition to Louis Vuitton’s AR collaboration with Snapchat, Louis Vuitton’s “The Canvas of the Future” was also showcased at Viva Tech. First unveiled at the Cruise 2020 fashion show, the bags feature functioning video screens and are the first of their kind to walk a runway show. Available on three iconic Louis Vuitton leathergoods, the Speedy, the Duffle and the Néo Noé, the canvas took over two years of research to produce. The flexible screens are made of AMOLED technology, which is the same LED lights found in some smartphones, and allow for a 1920 x 1440 resolution.

The Canvas of the Future by Louis Vuitton. Photo: Edouard Jacquinet

The Canvas of the Future by Louis Vuitton. Photo: Edouard Jacquinet

Three of the 30 startups competing for the LVMH Innovation Award were AR virtual try-on pitches (from 3DLOOK, VOIR Inc, and WANNABY). 3DLOOK, a company that specializes in mobile body-scanning technologies for apparel, was announced as the winner. The app measures a customer’s shape & size with just two photos on any background, for online or in-store shopping.

VR experiences at the LVMH Pavilion included the “Dream Machine” from Bulgari, and the exploration of scent in VR with Francis Kurkdjian (co-founder and artistic director of perfumer Maison Francis Kurkdjian) and developer Ken Kawaguchi, CEO of Vaqso. (Read more about the possibilities for integrating scent into AR and VR in “Augmented Human.”)